The Underground is Parallel

This is a blog about Nerd Culture.

Comics, games, movies, any and everything Geeky. A commentary on popular culture, but even more so about unpopular culture. Not just to judge, or to share, or to celebrate, but to enlighten:

A “sub-culture” is NOT a lesser culture.

The “underground” is NOT beneath you.

The underground is parallel, an alternate plane that coexists with mainstream and, now more than ever, collides and intermarries with it.

And so a fellowship of two has been formed…

An alliance spreading the word of all things nerd,
A new illuminati to raise the geek underground,
A cabal to challenge and enlighten the mainstream masses,
The Skull and Spectacles

Join the Society.


One Response to “The Underground is Parallel”

  1. congrats on the new collablog!

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