Reverberations are reactions, echoes, and vibrations in response to a large and consequential event. This word can be used as a model for the relationship between what we all call the mainstream and the underground. But what is usually regarded as a binary and non-overlapping relationship is in actuality an ongoing conversation, argument, or cacophony of reverberations, if you will.

Reverberations in the pool of mass media have always been erratic like bubbling primordial soup, with some campaigns evolving beyond lifetimes, compared to blips of characters disappearing as quickly as they appear. What are people to do when the stories that they found a sincere connection to (the degree of profundity may vary) are simply shelved as myths, legends, cult classics, or underground culture? Is it not possible to be able to freely appreciate the culture and philosophies that we sometimes base our everyday decisions (What would Batman do?) without having it ignored among the sea of tumultuous popular media?

If you didn’t care, it wouldn’t exist. The Skull and Spectacles seeks to recognize and immortalize the gems of what should be remembered.

My name is Muhammad Amos Ibrahim, and I am a Brother of the Skull and Spectacles.


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