Avatar: The Last Airbender

10 reasons for why the world would be better off being an Avatar world:

  1. Instead of messy presidential elections, we’d duel each other at the mastery of element-bending
  2. The energy economy would become a civil trade of bending skills needed to make tunnels, forge steel, care for the sick, means of transportation, and anything else society needs
  3. The Olympics would be siiiiiickkkk
  4. We would have more wise men/sage ladies/old masters lurking around saving the day/causing trouble
  5. We could have animals like Turtle Lions (wayyy better than Ligers)
  6. Hot firebenders would be making my tea
  7. Hot waterbenders would be healing my wounds
  8. Hot earthbenders would be making…my house?
  9. Solar eclipses/comets/tides would be so much more exciting
  10. Instead of claiming nuclear “testing” at deserts, we could just blame the Avatar for fooling around with his avatar state too much

This series is fire. I find myself taking a deep breath, meditating, and stomping the ground to see if I can make the earth shake. Every morning. I throw a punch every now and then because I might be a firebender. Mr. Shyamalan was drafted to make the movie set to premiere at 2010, he better not make me wonder what happened, cuz nothing happened in The Happening.

I looked up the creators of the series, Micheal Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, and they graduated from good ol’ RISD. Goodness is that what they make people do at art schools? Emit fire from their hands??! I want in.

Christmas List:

  • Avatar Complete DVD set
  • Mad Men Season 1 and 2

Amos out.


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