Marvel 1602


Much like Ultimate Marvel, Marvel 1602 is a graphic novel series placing the same characters we know and love in a vastly re-imagined world, the New World. In 1602, the American continents as we know it were merely ideas rivaling the myths and mysteries of magic and mysticism. The characters are defined more by their relationships with other characters, like mutant to “Brotherhood,” or Man to Mystic. Of course you can’t be flaunting your powers with gaudy costumes, so mutants would wear appropriate clothes as to not be burned as a witch. Even with super-speed, energy beams from eyes, powerful magnetic fields, or just plain super skrempfs, Marvel 1602 stresses their relationships with the public eye, with some of them using powers to assert superiority, and some of them thinking of the simple yet profound advantages one has when peasants think Daredevil is “just a blind guy.” I love the reimagining of Dr. Strange, Captain America, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Magneto, and Prof X, (which is just about everybody) and if you are at all curious if they’d still be just as badass as you know they would be in 1602, go ahead cop these series. (Just 8 issues!)


One Response to “Marvel 1602”

  1. I loved this series. I was pretty sure I was the only one who read this series, but it is amazing. I loved the reimagining of the Fantastic Four as well as Spider-Man

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