The Watchmen, and thoughts of the Comic-Movie Industry

Watchmen Cover

The Watchmen is a graphic novel series written by the acclaimed Alan Moore around 1986, and it’s been touted as a classic in the genre. I think that these series might have shaped the graphic novel as a media form that has the potential to push cutting-edge fiction past its boundaries. When I read it this past summer, I was amazed by the density of information in every page. The story spans mere hours as it chronicles the troubled past of vigilantes taking justice into their own hands but aren’t received well in the public eye. These heroes come in a variety of backgrounds, and the circles they dwell in bring a deeply political environment to the story. For example, Dr. Manhattan is an intelligent government scientist who, by a freak experimental accident, is able to manipulate matter in its basic form. His role, as his superiors hide his past from the public, becomes political in nature as the United States uses him as a celebrity and  symbol of the country’s power. And that’s what you could tell by just looking at the art. The drama is what keeps the pages turning. And what keeps you coming back is the details.

So what made me to pick up the series in the first place was the live-action film coming out March 6th, 2009. Looking at the trailer, it looks ambitious most definitely. And seeing that they also placed a trailer before the new Batman movie, it looks like DC is making moves to match the upcoming powerhouse Marvel Studios with their fancy Ultimate Marvel Universe. Dealmaking aside, I think the Comic-Movie Industry is very exciting at this time, when movie makers are now drafting good writing from media that’s already visual in nature. It’s like getting scripts and already having storyboards prepared.

In terms of The Watchmen, however, a movie is going to be difficult. I think me and one fat white guy in the back were the only people who Ooohed after the trailer played, and I have to admit I was embarassed of my exposed nerdiness. A cult classic like The Watchmen is necessarily going to play differently than the graphic novel because it’s going to be made into a movie, but good stories are good stories. I’ve got to say I’m impressed with what I’ve seen in the trailers, and if they pull it off… the movie might just shake the world.


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