Hardware or Software

“I’ve always thought that Hardware was more reliable.” – Tony Stark

In the advent of what is likely the next foray of comic books to the movies I feel I want to write about what would and would probably not work in the big screen. So what warrants making a movie in the first place? What makes people want to come spend money for more or less 2 hours of their time? People want to see what they can’t already perceive; the impossible. People want to see what they can relate to; the memorable. And people want to see what they’ve never seen; the incredible. What, then, makes the movie a success?

What made Iron Man good was the visualization that helped tell the story. From Tony Stark’s private rapid prototyping technology to his heads-up display, the theme throughout the movie was hardware. Having a sarcastic computer AI and Gwyneth Paltrow as the Pepper Potts just fills in the gaps. Tony Stark’s point of view in the design of his particular Iron Man suit (given the tragedy of his failing heart, and the particular fit his solution has in also powering the suit) also gives way to the villain, and perhaps War Machine in the future.

On the other hand, a biological perspective surrounds The Hulk, making the theme psychological in comparison. Bruce Banner’s tragedy is that he feels like acid is being poured into his brain, and even cites the “induced hallucinations” him and Betty went through in college. As flashbacks haunt Banner in his sleep, his character is strengthened further as he goes through what is essentially a rebirth every time he has an “incident.” He even learns Brazilian jiu-jitsu breathing techniques (and controlling his sexual impulses) to help control transformations. I should try doing that in general.

So who’s next? MMMM the possibilities.

One of my favorite comics that I’ve always come back to was Aquaman. Ok, I know, Entourage already explored that movie possibility, but they’ve only touched on it from the perspective of a short-lived high-profit blockbuster. But think of the theme. It could be visually beautiful.

Aquaman, like Superman, is not human. His story would be novel in the perspective that he lives in an environment among ours, but surfacing only when necessary. His powers wouldn’t be limited to just talking to dolphins and fish, but willing the element of water and everything living in it to do his bidding. Think of a more mythical Pirates of the Carribean, rather than some fool wearing the orange fishnet in the Superfriends.

Is it worth the billion dollar budget? I think it’d be cool.


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