The Ultimates: Captain America


The Ultimates basically lays down the groundwork for a reworked Marvel Universe where the history of the characters is simple and interconnected with a few key events that parallel our own motley history. Established early 2002, and me reading it late last summer, I was eager to delve into a story that was less muddled with silly crossovers that sometimes doesn’t make sense in the big picture of things. It just makes characters more consistent, which I like because in the end it actually leaves more to the imagination.

I usually prefer serials that are inclusive to a limited amount of books; a beginning and a well-defined ending, but the Ultimates has a lot of potential, as seen with the coinciding stories being laid down by Marvel Studios’ first independent films, Iron Man and The Hulk. It all depends on how they pull off the Captain America film.

It seems they’re going to go with the old, gritty, war-weathered look for the film’s theme, which I think will be awesome. What would also be cool is if they went for the retro-sheen style much like how they designed the sets for Mad Men. Captain America should be a classy and upright fellow, a guy that Obama would probably love to hang out and play ball with on Sundays. (White Men Can’t Jump: Obama and Captain America Ball it up?)

In terms of action and plot, they’ve hinted already about how they can go about that given the Ultimates plotline. The Super-Soldier experiments done by Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and his nemesis the Abomination shows how they can show subtle superhuman speed, agility, and fighting skills. How badass would it be if Captain America had the mental capacity to be an intuitively awesome mixed-martial arts fighter, with a specialty in submission? Duuuuudddee…

Anyways, I’m excited. And it even sets up a plot for similar international super-people. Imagine Captain Philippines: Manny Pacquiao. GET HYPED.


One Response to “The Ultimates: Captain America”

  1. Jack Morlock Says:

    Nice… yeah, the Ultimate universe is a great way to rediscover classic characters without dealing with decades of missed continuity. i think i’ll mention that in future posts!

    on a side note, i would really like to see a Captain Philippines… if i could draw, i’d jump on that in a heartbeat. he’d have a shield with the yellow sun, and escrima sticks… or just a fat ass bolo knife.

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