Hajime No Ippo

ippoHajime No Ippo (I call it Ippo for short) has been an anime series I dug up since watching it last when I was hanging around in the Philippines like 3 years ago. It was shown right along with the Filipino versions of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, and another anime series that was about basketball. Boxing and basketball, huh? Pretty appropriate for the audience in public television.

Sooooo you could say I was inspired by Pacquiao’s 8-round domination of the Great Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya. I took real pleasure in rubbing that into the faces of people sayin, “He’s too small, he’s gunna die once that jab hits him” this week. By pleasure, I mean shadow-boxing whenever I passed by De La Hoya fans saying, “Wait, did you hear? Yo’ boy got knocked the f*** out!” Ok I promise I’ll stop next week, but to say the least I was really moved by the fight. Pacquiao won humbly, and that’s something to be really proud of working as hard as he does. (He just fought another bout earlier this year!)

Anyway, I wanted to mention that nerdery is all about education, and that’s what is shown in this anime series. As Ippo trains day after day with only the fuel to be great powering his fists and legs, you learn the subtleties of the boxing profession, from the diets, to the workouts, to the styles of boxing, and even the details of each weight class. It kind of resembles the technical appeal of Initial D, where the beauty of the anime is really all in the details. It’s addicting, and it’s fun watching Ippo’s journey into professional boxing.

Here’s a little history I learned from Ippo today: meet Tommy “Hitman” Hearns, 8-time world champion, and the originator of the Flicker Jab.


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