A Space Big Enough for Brain Farts

It certainly has been a while since this Skull and Spectacles staff member has posted, I do believe that we are more than toe-deep into the new year and things should be rolling by now. Honestly, I have been thinking about what to post for a while now but didn’t think of anything worthy enough for your browser to refresh. To be frank, I’ve actually haven’t found anything interesting since Hajime No Ippo. (I’m embarrassed, I actually managed to finish all 76 24-minute episodes of the first season, found the manga online due to the Caribou’s evil linking of free scans, and sneaked a peek on the new season that’s been freshly aired in Japan.) I’m beginning to remember why I hate/love serials that are ongoing, they’re like thorn barbs that dig deeper into open wounds/rainbow roads that stretch to a glorious horizon. <sigh>

Anyways, amidst that obsession, I’ve just been wallowing in Science shows (‘dya hear? Bill Nye is back, and now in sustainable flavor) and Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.


I’ve been a fan of Adult Swim for a long time, and loved its dedication to the underground. It’s programming always had throwback favorites, and then tons of experimental new cartoons and anime. But it wasn’t just underground for the sake of obscure-ness or over-the-top craziness you’d expect from late-night programming, I feel it used to involve a lot of refined taste.

Used to. I would have to argue that the Adult Swim of today is swimming in a pool of underachieving and uninspiring shows thinking they could slip in between the attention spans of insomniacs at this hour. If I wanted to kill my brain cells I would’ve switched the channel to the Knife Show a long time ago so I could look at a slowly spinning buck knife selling for an amazing $39.99. But I have faith, and will keep this channel on while I surf ze Internetz so Adult Swim stays on TV. Besides, unlike the programming, the commercials haven’t lost their Adult Swim zing. I don’t know how many times an Adult Swim commercial led to me to great new music.

In the end, I pray for more power to groundbreaking new media spaces like Adult Swim to fill late hours with the brain farts of people who want to spend time watching great, unheard-of animation. Hopefully the Skull and Spectacles will grow to be the same.



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