Who is the S&S?

Little can be confirmed about the mysterious figures who have come forward from the Skull and Spectacles. All that can be said with certainty is that they are powerful and ever growing in numbers…

Muhammad “Amos” Ibrahim

Muhammad Ibrahim is the name archaeologists assign to one of the greatest monarchs of Lost Empire, known more commonly as Atlantis. Approximately 200 years ago, a man surfaced in Brazil calling himself “Amos” Ibrahim, bearing the tattoos of Atlantian royalty.

He has since risen to underground fame with his epic conquests, including dominating the Vale Tudo underground fighting circuit, besting fellow immortals the Highlander and Nosferatu in drinking contests, and not only translating but proofreading and giving feedback on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The accepted theory is that the immortal king is living among the human world to study the concept of history and pop culture of a race with much shorter life spans and constantly changing tastes. He is a formidable practitioner of the graphic novel and comic book movie styles of nerdery, and is rumored to be gathering acolytes in the Berkeley, California area.

“Caribou” Jack Morlock

Jack Morlock, alias Caribou Jack, is a guerilla activist affiliated with the Expansionist wing of the Geekdom Shadow Council. He has made enemies the Isolationist wing (for his views on reaching out to the mainstream), as well as enemies in the mainstream itself (for his history of playing Yu-Gi-Oh, among other things).

Though known by dozens of aliases, “Caribou Jack” is by far the most prominent, possibly due to various rumors that suggest he was found frozen in suspended animation in the Yukon wilderness, that he once slept inside a caribou carcass just to make a tauntaun reference, or that he once killed a male Abercrombie model with a pair of antlers.

He is rumored to operate from a safehouse in South San Francisco, California, but other reports link him to Salem, Bludhaven, Cairo, Roswell, and 19th century London. He has Nerdcred badges in the Whedonverse, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and is versed in varied Marvel and DC disciplines.


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